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The Greek island of Rhodes, like other popular tourist destinations, is divided into individual resorts. The above map of the island shows the selected resorts. You can select the specific resort you are interested in and view it - Afandou, Archangelos, Faliraki, Fanes, Gennadi, Haraki, Ialysos, Ixia, Kalathos, Kalithea, Kiotari, Kolymbia, Koskinou, Kremasti, Lachania, Lardos, Lindos, Rhodes Town, Pastida, Pefki, Plimmiri, Stegna, Theologos (Tholos) and Trianta. Similarly, you can turn on or off the display of hotels in the area.

For more information about the individual resorts on Rhodes, please visit the Resorts section. As well as sights, excursions and beaches.

The most popular beaches on Rhodes: Afandou Beach, Agios Pavlos Beach (Lindos - Saint Paul Bay), Anthony Quinn Beach (Vagies), Faliraki Beach, Ixia Beach, Kalithea Beach, Kolymbia Beach, Ladikou Beach, Megali Paralia Beach (Lindos), Pefki Beach, Prasonisi Beach, Reni Koskinou Beach, Theologos Beach, Tsambika Beach

The most popular sights on the island of Rhodes: Acropolis of Lindos, Acropolis of Rhodes, Colossus of Rhodes, Palace of the Grand Masters - Rhodes Town

Tips for excursions on the island of Rhodes: White town of Lindos, capital city of Rhodes, Monastery in the clouds of Tsambika, Symi Island and Panormitis Monastery, Beach and lighthouse of Prasonisi, Seven springs (Eptá Pigés), Valley of butterflies (Petaloudes), Faliraki water park

There are many publications on the market dealing with Greece, the Greek islands and Rhodes in particular. Some focus on the realities of the island of Rhodes, others more on Greek culture and traditions or popular tourist sites. However, it's definitely a good idea to have a guidebook with you, preferably with a detailed map of Rhodes, for example with tips on interesting places and sights. Try to find a good bookstore, for example the Berlitz Books, which have proved to be very useful.

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