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Faliraki Aquarium - island of Rhodes

Aqua World Faliraki, Faliraki Aquarium

Faliraki Aquarium

The small but all the more interesting marine aquarium is one of the attractions of the popular tourist resort of Faliraki. It is located at the northeast coast of Rhodes, about 15 km from the main town.

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While wandering around one of the most touristy resorts on Rhodes - Faliraki Resort, you may also come across a building with a sign saying "AquaWorld Faliraki" and a big pink shark on the entrance gate. This is a small marine aquarium, which includes both an aquarium section with various marine animals and also a small museum.

The main purpose of the Faliraki Aquarium is to collect and protect unwanted or injured animals and then return them to their natural habitat. For example, sea creatures that are trapped in fishing nets and would have died without help are brought here. Experts will examine them and then provide them with any assistance and care they may need. The aquarium's accompanying aim is to introduce the public to the local marine fauna and children will be especially excited, as the staff often let them touch some of the animals.

As well as fish of various sizes and colours, you can also see crabs, starfish and sea turtles, sometimes even baby sharks find a home here. Children can get up close and personal with stingrays and starfish, for example. The aquarium staff will also be happy to answer any questions the visitors may have.

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