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Do you love Greece and beaches, blue and white? Do you love the sun, Frappe and Tzatziki? Do you adore the history of ancient Greece and sailing? Do you like to lie under the sun umbrella? Are you crazy about Corfu, dreaming of a wedding on Santorini? Did you get enchanted by the island of Zakynthos or is Rhodes - the pearl of Aegean Sea, your big love? Can´t you decide whether you go to the Cyclades or to the Dodecanese islands? Are you dancing with the Greek Zorba or buying all children of Piraeus a lollypop? Then you are right here.

These Websites are about the Islands of Greece and about Greece at all - about its history, culture, nature or for example about the traditional greek food. Made for all lovers of Greece and its culture, that can´t wait to return there. Unfortunately, Right now we have to get satisfied with some Greek yogurt, olives and with a little internet surfing.

Kalimera Greece to everyone and maybe we will meet us.

Most favourite islands of Greece

Rhodes - the sunniest island of Greece with many holiday resorts. The lovers of history mostly head to the capital city Rhodes, which is an exhibition of long and colourful history of the island. There are a lot of good maintained sights of many different periods and styles. Not only the architecture, but also the nature is very beautiful here. Many daytrips can be directed there and surely will fascinate you. But what kind of vacation would it be without relaxing on the beach. Rhodes has quite beaches made of sand and also pebble beaches with bigger waves.

Zakynthos - a beautiful island in Ionian Sea is attracting above all with its fresh and diversified nature - enjoyable sandy beaches with crystal-clear water, interesting natural aspects and daytrips, not just by boat. It is almost a duty to buy a turtle souvenier here, a symbol of the island. Also here you can find agile holiday resorts with big hotels, but the real authentic greek atmosphere you can enjoy in the small quiet villages with lovely old churches, monasteries and many other sights.

Santorini - formerly called Théra, very romantic place with typical white-blue churches, which are creating the famous image of Santorini. Except old churches and monasteries you can also find and admire many other historical sights. Our tip for an interesting daytrip is the visit of the archeological site Akrotiri. The unique shape of the island is the consequence of a big volcanic eruption in the 17th - 16th century BC. After the eruption, the peak of the volcano collapsed to the ground and created a huge lagoon in the mainland. The volcanic activity also has affected the look of the beaches, covered by the colourful volcanic sand and stones. The most searched touristic destinations lie around the crater of the volcano called the Caldera. (map of Santorini)

Corfu - The Emerald island, the most green and northern of the Ionian islands. The capital city Corfu or Kerkyra offers its visitors the required comfort and entertainment. As holiday resort you can choose any part of the island, as there are appropriate accommodations in every bigger city or resort. Thanks to beautiful and clean beaches the lovers of sport activities, especially of snorkeling and scuba diving, can enjoy their holiday very much. On the island there is a nicely balanced ratio between the natural and historical sights because of what your daytrips should not get boring.

Kos - the home of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. The island is rather flat, good for walking and cykling tours, but has also its "mountain" - the peak Dikeos, 846 metres high, from where there is a beautiful view of the surroundings. Kos is popular especially for its lovely sandy beaches and although it doesn´t belong to the Greece´s largest islands, there is a lot to discover and many historical sights in every part of the island. One of the favorite holiday destinations is definitely the capital city of Kos, which is rich on architectural and natural sights.

Crete - the biggest, most populated and also the southernmost Greek Island lies in the Aegean Sea, approximately 300 km from the african continent. Thanks to the huge amount of touristic resorts and beautiful beaches Crete belongs to the world´s most popular holiday destinations. According to the Greek mythology, the highest Greek God Zeus was born here. Crete is also considered to be the cradle of the significant Minoan civilization. Beside the historical wealth, represented mainly by the capital city of Heraklion or the ruins of the Minoan Palace of Knossos, we can see also very beautiful nature sceneries on the island. High mountains alternate with fertile valleys and dry lands with lakes and waterfalls, which became popular destinations of tourist trips. (map of Crete)

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Katharos Beach - Santorini Island

Categories: Santorini - Beaches Date: 11.6.2021 Condition: new article

The large and beautiful, yet quiet Katharos Beach is located in the northwestern part of the Greek island of Santorini, about 13 km northwest of the capital city of Fira.

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi Beach - Santorini island

Categories: Santorini - Beaches Date: 10.6.2021 Condition: new article

The quiet sand and shingle beach of Agia Paraskevi is located on the east coast of the Greek island of Santorini, close to the popular Monolithos Beach. It is located about 8 km east of the capital city of Fira.

Chrisi Island

Chrisi Island - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Trips Date: 30.3.2021 Condition: new article

At the south eastern coast of Crete, 15 km south from the popular Ierapetra Resort, the small but very interesting island of Chrisi is located in the Libyan Sea. The “Donkey Island” is a paradise with beautiful white beaches and shining clear water.

Santorini Island

Santorini Island - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Trips Date: 20.3.2021 Condition: new article

The volcanic island of Santorini belongs to the most beautiful and specific Greek islands. This combination attracts visitors from all over the world and because of the close distance to Crete, you can easily reach the island from here.

Spinalonga Fortress

Spinalonga Fortress - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Sights Date: 13.2.2021 Condition: new article

The old Venetian fortress of Spinalonga was built on a small island at the north eastern coast of Crete. Its main task was to protect the close harbour of Elounda and through the years, it earned the title “impregnable”.

Windmills on the Lassithi Plateau

Windmills on the Lassithi Plateau - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Sights Date: 31.1.2021 Condition: new article

Lassithi Pateau is a wide mountain plain lying in the eastern inland of the Greek island of Crete. When driving through the mountain pass you will see big stony windmills from the Venetian era and on the plateau itself, also then rests of small windmills with linen wings.


Rethymno Beach - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Beaches Date: 27.1.2021 Condition: new article

The beautiful sandy beach of Rethymno lies in the northern part of Crete in close neighbourhood to the eponymous city, approximately 81 km west from the capital city of Heraklion (Iraklion).


Plakias Beach - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Beaches Date: 23.1.2021 Condition: new article

The long and well-organized sandy beach of Plakias lies in the southern part of Crete, approximately 114 km south west from the capital city of Heraklion (Iraklion).


Spinalonga Beach - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Beaches Date: 14.1.2021 Condition: new article

The small pebbly beach of Spinalonga lies on the Spinalonga Islet in the north eastern part of Crete approximately 74 km east from the capital city of Heraklion (Iraklion). It is the only place on the island, where you can comfortably refresh yourself in the sea.


Stalis Beach - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Beaches Date: 10.1.2021 Condition: new article

One of the most beautiful Cretan beaches - the wide sandy beach of Stalis lies in the northern part of the island in the popular touristic region of Malia Bay approx. 31 km east from the capital city of Heraklion (Iraklion).


Gouves Beach - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Beaches Date: 22.11.2020 Condition: new article

The beautiful sandy beach of Gouves lies in the popular tourist region at the north coast of Crete approximately 19 km east from the capital city of Heraklion (Iraklion).


Malia Beach - Crete

Categories: Kréta - Beaches Date: 19.11.2020 Condition: new article

The beautiful sandy beach of Malia lies inside the popular Malia Bay in the northern part of Crete approximately 35 km east from the capital city of Heraklion (Iraklion).