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The picturesque resort of Archangelos (or Arhangelos) lies inland at the east coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, about 30 km south of the capital city of Rhodes. And although the original village has been upgraded to a town, Archangelos is still considered a place true to Greek traditions and crafts.

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Archangelos - town of traditional crafts and customs

Archangelos is located about 3 km from the Mediterranean coast towards the interior of the island of Rhodes, at an altitude of 160 m above sea level. The town has over 5,000 inhabitants and although it covers a relatively small area, it still has much to offer from its rich history. The town is dominated by the Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel with its beautiful bell tower dating from 1845 and it is Michael the Archangel who is the patron of the town (as his name suggests). Nearby on the hill there are also the remains of a Johannite fortress - St. John's Castle.

The "City of Angels" is a truly beautiful example of Greek history and Greek traditions, but don't just stop in the centre, which is already more commercial and bustling. Venture into its smaller, side streets and you'll see what we mean. You'll be thrust into a world of traditional Greek houses in vibrant colours, their walls decorated with ceramic plates from the village of Lindos. Tradition still plays an important role here, for example, bread is still baked in the old wood-fired ovens and the inhabitants are engaged in farming, cattle breeding and pottery, which has a long tradition in the village. Archangelos is thus popular for its local handicrafts, especially for its genuine, gold-free pottery and leather shoes, among other things.

Attractions around Archangelos

Not far from the town, you can also visit one of the natural sights of this place - the beautiful Koumellos Cave, which is famous for its stunning stalactites. Many locals believe that the cave is a sacred place and in connection with the sea.

A few kilometres north of the resort lies the beautiful green valley of the Seven Springs, through which crystal clear water flows and the mature pine trees provide pleasant shade. Plus a little gem of local nature - the slopes of the nearby mountain of Strongylos are still home to several small, black and wild horses, which were used by the local people in ancient times for threshing grain.

Who is Archangelos suitable for?

The resort of Archangelos offers its visitors all basic services such as shops, taverns, rental shops, a post office, a bank and a health centre. You will find various forms of accommodation here, from individual rooms for rent to nice and well-equipped hotels.

However, as the resort is located inland, it is not recommended for those who want to be right by the sea and enjoy lazing on the beach. On the other hand, the resort of Stegna with its sandy and pebble beach is only a few kilometres away. You can also make your way to the beach by visiting the Koumellos Cave. To the northeast you will reach the beautiful Tsambika Beach, which is covered with beautifully fine sand and can be seen from the adjacent cliff, on top of which is the eponymous Tsambika Monastery, nicknamed "the monastery in the clouds".

The area is thus more suitable for those who want to spend their holidays actively, to learn about the history of Rhodes, to travel and discover the attractions of these places.

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