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The modern and lively seaside resort of Ialyssos is located at the northwest coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, about 7 km southwest of the capital city. Ialyssos is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the west coast of the island.

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The tourist resort of Ialyssos (Trianta)

The tourist resort of Ialyssos (also spelled Ialissos) is located on the northwest coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, about 10 km from Diagoras International Airport and only about 7 km from the capital city of Rhodes. Ialyssos is already a fairly large resort with perfect tourist facilities. Sometimes its second name Trianta (Trianda) is used.

Ialyssos is the second largest town on Rhodes (about 11,300 inhabitants) and accommodates a large number of visitors during the main summer season. They can stay in large and luxurious hotel complexes, as well as in smaller family villas and apartments that offer peace and privacy in their gardens. In Ialyssos, you will find very busy areas such as the resort centre consisting of the main shopping street or the hotel part of the resort near the beach, but on the other hand, the town also offers a quiet area where the hustle and bustle of the coast and discos no longer reaches.

In the centre of the resort and in its coastal part there are a large number of taverns, cafes and various shops and supermarkets, of course there are several ATMs, a post office, a pharmacy, a car rental and a petrol station. The main road from the centre of the resort to the beach is lined with various taverns and bars, which operate late into the night and set the scene for the local nightlife and entertainment.

The resort includes the long pebble beach of Ialyssos, which is particularly popular with wind-surfers and kite-surfers due to the open sea and good weather conditions. However, the good facilities and comfortable sun loungers also attract other tourists. Parts of the beach are private (belonging to individual hotels).

History of Ialyssos

Ialyssos (Trianta) was one of the first three ancient cities of the island of Rhodes and its existence dates back to 1,500 BC, to the Mycenaean period. The earliest traces of this settlement have been found in the vicinity of the present-day town of Ialyssos, especially near the hill of Filerimos, which is home to one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. About 500 years later, the Dorians occupied the site and built the foundations of the present city.

In the period of Ancient Greece, Ialyssos (Trianta) was one of the three most important city-states of Rhodes, together with Kamiros and Lindos. The city of Ialyssos was an important centre of trade and culture and its size extended to the northern tip of Rhodes. The city-states of Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos are referred to as "founding" because in 408 BC they decided to unite into one capital city - the city of Rhodes. After the establishment of the new capital city of Rhodes, the importance of Ialyssos began to decline as many of its inhabitants moved to Rhodes.

However, Ialyssos never fell into oblivion and, for example, during the period of Italian rule, many luxurious villas were built here by wealthy citizens from nearby Rhodes. Today, Ialyssos is known as a popular holiday resort with modern hotels and quality services.

Ialyssos is also the birthplace of the famous Rhodian boxer and Olympic champion Diagoras of Rhodes. His name is now borne by one of the local bays, Diagor√°s FC football club and Diagoras International Airport.

Ialyssos and tips for trips in the vicinity

First of all, we recommend visiting the archaeological site of Filerimos, which is located on the adjacent hill. There is not only a magnificent view of the whole resort and other areas of Rhodes, but above all, it is a place where many historical monuments have been preserved. The remains of a temple dedicated to Zeus and Athena have been uncovered in the acropolis, with the remains of Doric columns visible from afar. On the ruins of the ancient temple, several new buildings have been erected over the years, such as the church of Virgin Mary of Filerimos from the 14th century, which has been restored several times since then and still stands today. The remains of the massive Byzantine fortifications are also well preserved.

The whole site is set in a pleasant setting of mature cypress trees and if you walk further from the archaeological site along the path between the cypresses, you will reach an 18-metre high cross after a while. A steep staircase leads up to the top of the cross.

About 20 km inland, Petaloudes, the "Valley of the Butterflies", is located. This is a wooded, sloping ravine with a very unique microclimate, which ensures that millions of butterflies of the rare genus of the Jersey tiger reside here every year from early July to mid-September.

And of course, we definitely recommend taking advantage of the proximity of the historic city of Rhodes, the capital city of the island with many beautiful historical monuments, to get to know it better.

Who is Ialyssos suitable for?

The resort of Ialyssos is located on the road connecting the capital city of Rhodes with the airport and then with the entire west coast of the island. The resort has very good bus connections to Rhodes, but if you want to travel to other parts of the island, we recommend renting a car. Several car rental companies offer their services in the resort. Even so, it takes a while to get out of here due to the heavier traffic.

We would recommend Ialyssos especially for tourists who want to spend most of their vacation relaxing in hotels or apartments, strolling around the local streets, sitting in taverns and having fun in bars. Overall, walks and hikes are a popular activity in this area, as you walk through streets lined with apartments with flowering front gardens and you can even find trees on some of the paths leading past the beaches.

This is a modern, yet still peaceful and relaxing resort.

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