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The popular seaside resort of Kolymbia (sometimes also Kolympia) is located on the northeast coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, about 25 km south of the capital city of Rhodes. Kolymbia is one of the quieter towns, although it has become increasingly popular with tourists in recent years.

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Characteristics of Kolymbia

The resort of Kolymbia is located between the resorts of Afandou and Archangelos, at the turn-off from the main road going along the northeast coast of the island.

The hallmark of Kolymbia is the 2 km long, narrow driveway lined with mature eucalyptus trees, known as "Eucalyptus Street". This road imaginatively divides the resort into two parts. The area to the north of this avenue is wide, less maintained and living its quiet Greek life, unlike the southern, touristy half where most of the hotels and related services are located. The tours offered by the travel agencies are thus mostly directed to this southern area. The hotels here traditionally offer good quality facilities and tend to be well maintained, including green gardens.

Colymbia is a relatively young town, having only been established in the 1930s and tourism only started to develop here in the 1980s. Modern hotel complexes have thus sprung up alongside the original Greek buildings, but this works very well in the case of Kolymbia, as the two city parts do not interfere with each other and visitors can enjoy both the varied services of the tourist centre and walks in the surrounding countryside.

The old buildings, however, actually consist of only a few original farmhouses and typical family houses, but there is no historic centre or original square, for example. Most of the resort consists therefore of a recreational and tourist area.

Kolymbia Beach

Just as the resort can be divided into two halves, the adjacent beach of Kolymbia can also be divided into two parts, thanks to a small hill that extends along the coast. The partly rocky hill, which drops into the Mediterranean Sea on the eastern side, is however easily accessible and we recommend a walk to the top of the hill for a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The beach north of this hill is sandy and rocky and is actually the southern part of the neighbouring Afandou Beach. The southern beach of Kolymbia, which is covered with pebbles of various sizes, is very popular and seeked with tourists, especially because of the gently sloping sea and clear water. There is also a pleasant tavern with a nice view. On the beaches, visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports and entertainment.

Nearby is also one of the most famous beaches on the island, which should not be missed - the beautiful sandy beach of Tsampika.

Who is Kolymbia suitable for?

Practically anyone can enjoy their holiday in the resort of Kolymbia. The typical holiday, peaceful atmosphere invites you to laze on the beach, taste fish specialties in the local taverns, enjoy the services of the tourist centre and the nightlife. There are shops, supermarkets, bars, cafes, a pharmacy, an ATM, a bus stop, a car rental and a petrol station.

Kolymbia and tips for trips

The more adventurous people will also find its place, as the proximity of the main road connecting the north and south of the island is conducive to excursions and exploring the beauty of the island. The local bus service is quite reliable, so don't be afraid to take a trip into the surrounding area.

Just a few kilometres from the resort is the beautiful Tsambika Beach, which is covered in beautifully fine sand and can be seen from the adjacent cliff, on top of which is the eponymous Tsambika Monastery, nicknamed the "Monastery in the Clouds". A short distance inland from the resort is the beautiful Seven Springs Nature Park, north along the coast is the former seaside thermal baths of Kalithea ("Thermai Kalythiai") and the capital city of Rhodes is about half an hour away.

There are several tourist information centres in the centre of the resort where you can book other interesting excursions.

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