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Agios Pavlos Beach (Lindos - Saint Paul´s Bay) - island of Rhodes

Limanaki beach

Agios Pavlos (Lindos - Saint Paul´s Bay)

The small, romantic bay of Agios Pavlos (Saint Paul´s Bay) is located on the southeast coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, about 50 km south of the capital city. It is one of the beaches of the tourist resort of Lindos.

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St. Paul's Bay (sometimes referred to as Limanaki Beach) is located just south of the old village of Lindos and is a beautiful sight to behold right from the top of the Lindos acropolis. Agios Pavlos Bay is easy to spot as it is almost enclosed by the surrounding cliffs, except for a narrow channel for small boats.

The main symbol of the bay is the small chapel of St. Paul. It was built here in honour of Paul the Apostle, who hid here from a storm in 43 AD and subsequently preached Christianity.

The shores of the bay are covered with golden sand, sometimes with a mixture of sand and small pebbles. The main part of the beach in the bay is organised and equipped with lovely sunbeds and umbrellas, and visitors can refresh themselves in a small, pleasant tavern. If you walk a little further, towards the small chapel, you will find a part of the beach free, without sunbeds. Especially families with children, who like to play in the sand on the shore, and then snorkelling lovers head here. The shallow, warm water attracts flocks of small, colourful fish and the surrounding rocky cliffs give the sea a beautiful azure colour.

Visitors can reach the bay by car (the parking lot is located on top of the bay), or they can easily walk here from the village of Lindos.

The popular tourist resort of Lindos has three beaches. Megali Paralia (the main beach of Lindos, the largest and busiest), Pallas Beach (smaller and quieter, although it is also crowded in the main summer season) and St. Paul's Bay (Agios Pavlos, a bay protected by the surrounding cliffs, quiet and pleasant, but more distant from the other two). The long pebble beach of Vlicha, located between the resorts of Lindos and Kalathos, is also a popular beach for tourists from Lindos.

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