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Symi Island and Panormitis Monastery - Rhodes island

Symi Island and Panormitis Monastery

A popular tourist excursion is a boat trip to the island of Symi, a picturesque Greek island located north of Rhodes and almost within sight of the Turkish mainland. The island of Symi boasts several attractions - a harbour town full of colourful houses, islanders who are renowned sea mushroom hunters and the beautiful Panormitis Monastery.

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The capital city of Symi and the port of Gialos

A sightseeing trip to the island of Symi usually starts in its main town of the same name, Symi, in the port of Gialos. The harbour town catches the attention of those arriving from afar, as the surrounding hillsides are covered with stunning, traditional stone houses built in neoclassical style, which shine in every direction with different colours. Looking at the promotional photographs of the place, you get the feeling that they must have been computerised. But it's not until you get here that you realize the reality is even more stunning. There's a nice tradition that's been passed down for generations on Symi. If a father living on Symi has a daughter, he should build her one of these nice colourful houses when she grows up.

The harbour is dominated by Rolói, the clock tower. In front of the tower stands a statue of a boy, little Michael (Michalaki), who seems to welcome visitors to the island. According to local legend, he is a small boy, the son of a sea mushroom hunter. He always waited for his father in the harbour before returning from the hunt. But once he waited in vain, his father was never to be found. The statue of Michael is a reminder that being a sea mushroom hunter is a demanding and dangerous profession. The island of Symi has been famous for its sea mushroom trade since the 18th century. It is also sought after for its local herbs and spices. On the same side of the harbour is the "Dove of Peace", a magnificent statue representing a war memorial.

From the port town of Symi, you can walk up to the "upper town" of Chorió by a staircase of 500 steps, which the locals call Kalí Stráta, meaning "the good way". Your effort will be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Also worth a visit is the landmark of the upper town, the Panayia Temple.

Panormitis Port and Panormitis Monastery

After visiting the town of Symi and the port of Gialos, the trip continues with a cruise to the southern tip of the island, to the port of Panormitis. Here is one of the most important monuments of the island, the Monastery of Panormitis, dedicated to the Archangel Michael who is the patron of the island and protector of sailors. The monastery dates back to the early 18th century and is still inhabited by monks. Every arriving ship is greeted by the ringing of bells, after disembarking you can visit the monastery and for refreshments we recommend the local renowned bakery, which has supplied the sultan's table with its pastries.

Life on Symi Island is very peaceful and will certainly tempt you to slow down and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets, the smell of various herbs or a small snack in one of the taverns right by the harbour. Ideally, for departure from Rhodes we recommend using the port of Mandraki, from which boats to Symi depart most often.

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