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Prasonisi beach and lighthouse - island of Rhodes

‚ÄěKiss of the Two Seas‚Äú

Prasonisi beach and lighthouse

If you are a lover of water sports or natural attractions, we definitely recommend you to visit the southernmost tip of the island - the island and the beach of Prasonisi. Prasonisi is a very unique beach because it is located at the point where two bays converge. They form a long sandy strip, surrounded by the sea on both sides, which leads to the islet.

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The place is known as the "kiss of the two seas" because the long sandy beach is washed by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Aegean Sea on the other. In summer, when the water is low, you can walk along the beach with dry feet to the islet of Prasonisi, which becomes a peninsula connected to the rest of Rhodes. However, when the water level rises, traditionally in autumn and winter and at high tides, the sandy path disappears and we can only observe Prasonisi from a distance.

Prasonisi (sometimes also Prassoníssi) means "green island". True, it doesn't burst with lush greenery in the summer heat, but in spring the vegetation is greener, and if we look at the island of Rhodes as a whole, we can describe Prasonisi as green. Prasonisi is a small hilly island/peninsula that offers visitors, above all, a stunning view of the surrounding countryside and Prasonisi beach. If you have the time and energy to climb the other, more distant hill, you will reach the Prasonisi lighthouse. From the lighthouse, you have a beautiful view of the sharp rocks and deep sea below you and the island of Karpathos on the horizon in the distance.

The whole area of Prasonisi including the islet, the lighthouse and the beach is a very photogenic place. But it's not just tourists with cameras that head here, Prasonisi beach is also renowned as a "surfer's paradise". During the peak summer season, the majority of the local population is made up of windsurfers, kitesurfers, etc., for whom the conditions are ideal, including strong winds and wild waves.

The island and the beach of Prasonisi are located about 92 km from the capital of Rhodes, which in turn is located at the northern tip of the island of Rhodes. If you drive to Prasonisi from the capital, you will actually drive the length of the island of Rhodes. To get to Prasonisi beach, turn left at the inland village of Kattavia, down south. There are directional signs to guide you to the beach. There is also a large free car park next to the beach.

Cars used to drive right up to the beach itself, but the sand on the coast suffers a lot from this, some places are unfortunately already hardened to concrete. In general, with the advent of tourism, the environment of the Prasonisi area has deteriorated a lot in recent years, with the disappearance of some species of coastal flowers and the near extinction of the protected Caretta caretta. As a result, there have been efforts to save the local nature and new environmental programmes are being set up to promote the recovery of the local flora and fauna.

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