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The small seaside resort of Soroni is located off the northwest coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, about 23 km southwest of the capital. Near the village stands the famous church of Aghios Soulas.

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The village of Soroni and its attractions

Soroni is not a holiday resort with lots of tourists. On the contrary, Soroni is a small village that lives its own pace and way of life, and you will only occasionally see a tourist. The village is located in a quiet area off the west coast of Rhodes, close to the other smaller resorts of Theologos, Fanes and Kalavarda.

Soroni is named after the large number of beech trees that used to grow here. There are fewer of them now, but it is still a very agricultural area. Soroni has about 1200 inhabitants and most of them work in agriculture. It is well known for its quality olive oil and other products made from local olives. The surrounding area is literally dotted with olive groves, vineyards and citrus bushes. During the summer season there is also a stall in Soroni where visitors can taste local products and specialities and, of course, buy the best ones.

In the village square is the Church of St Luke and a small folklore museum, which houses a permanent exhibition of folk art, including traditional clothing including hand-embroidered and decorated costumes, utensils and finds from the time of ancient Greece.

The village also has a small beach, Soroni, which has a beach taverna. The sea here is crystal clear, so you can take a dip and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Aghios Soulas Monastery and religious festivals

The peaceful atmosphere of the village is disturbed once a year by the religious festivals that are held here on 29 and 30 July, which is the "Day of the Holy Chapels". The festivities take place in the local chapel of Aghios Soulas (or Agios Sylas), which bears the name of Syllas, a student and follower of the Apostle Paul. Probably founded in the early Christian period, the monastery was renovated in 1836 and has retained its appearance to this day. According to legend, the water that springs up in the cave next to the monastery has healing properties.

The famous monastery of Aghios Soulas stands about 3 km from the village, at the end of a road passing through a beautiful pine forest. The monastery is situated on a large plot of land, which also houses a tavern and a playground, making it an ideal place for local religious festivals.

A special feature of the festivities in Soroni is that sports games are also part of the celebrations. On the afternoon of the first day, athletic competitions and horse and donkey races are held in the local simple stadium. The local games are so popular that buses from the capital Rhodes even come here. The evenings are then filled with entertainment, dancing, music and good food.

More tips for trips around Soroni

Not far from here, towards the interior of the island, is the Petaloudes Nature Reserve, the so-called Valley of the Butterflies, where thousands of butterflies flock every year, literally enveloping the local logs and stones. At the upper end of the walking route stands a small white church, the Monastery of Kalopetras, dating from 1782. The monastery boasts a beautifully decorated interior.

Who is Soroni suitable for?

Soroni has several nice tavernas, shops and even a private apartment for rent. Most tourists, however, only come here for a short visit and then continue on their way (Soroni is on the main road leading from the capital of Rhodes along the west coast further south). Large numbers of visitors flock here for the religious festivals on 29 and 30 July.

You can sit in a café and watch the daily hustle and bustle of the locals go by, or go to a beach taverna and enjoy the spectacular sunset views.

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