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The peaceful seaside resort of Stegna is located on the east coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, near the town of Archangelos. Its distance from the capital of Rhodes is about 30 km.

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Characteristics of Stegna

The village of Stegna is really a very quiet place and almost all the tourist traffic takes place around its beautiful sandy beach. The resort is not dominated by any large hotel complex, on the contrary, accommodation is mainly family apartments and bungalows plus one smaller hotel. The area retains its tranquillity also because it lies off the main road connecting the south and north of the island, practically on a dead-end road that ends at the seashore.

The resort of Stegna can be reached by following a winding asphalt road about 3 km long from the town of Archangelos. Previously, this area was not really a resort in the true sense of the word, but a small village where olive groves and citrus fields predominated and where residents from the nearby resorts of Archangelos and Lindos built their summer and holiday homes. Since the 1980s, however, tourism has also started to develop here.

Stegna beach

The sandy and pebbly beach of Stegna is quite long and spacious and is not crowded even in the main tourist season. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented on the beach and there are many shops and tavernas along the beach promenade. Thanks to its gradual entry into the sea, crystal clear water and quiet surroundings, it is also popular with families with small children.

Tips for trips in the vicinity of Stegna

If you get tired of the local beach, just a short distance away in a northerly direction is the beautiful Tsambika beach, which is covered with beautifully fine sand and can be seen from the adjacent cliff, on top of which is the eponymous Tsambika monastery, nicknamed "the monastery in the clouds".

Also visit the traditional town of Archangelos with the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, and just a few kilometres away (towards the resort of Kolymbia) in the interior of the island lies the beautiful Seven Springs Nature Park.

If you head further north along the coast, you can also visit the former seaside thermal baths of Kalithea ("Thermai Kalythiai") and you'll be in the capital of Rhodes in about half an hour.

Who is Stegna suitable for?

The resort offers its visitors all basic services - nice accommodation, shops with a variety of goods, pleasant taverns and car rental. But don't expect any extra nightlife from Stegna. Rather than discos and 24-hour bars, the area offers Greek specialities in tavernas and romantic night walks.

The resort of Stegna can also serve as a quiet base and a starting point for travelling around Rhodes, as it's located roughly halfway up the east coast. For excursions, however, you'll need to rent a car, as the resort is about 3km from the main road running along the east coast and there is little bus service.

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