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The popular seaside resort of Afandou is located on the northeast coast of Rhodes, about 20 km from the capital city. Afandou is a larger, but peaceful tourist resort, famous for its large golf course.

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Village of Afandou

The original village of Afandou is the basis of the tourist resort, which is currently home to about 6,000 inhabitants. Afandou is one of the largest and oldest villages on the island of Rhodes, after Ialysos it is the second largest village on the island. Its original name is said to come from the word "√°fandos", which translates to "hidden place", in this case "a place hidden behind a hill" as the original village was founded at a time when the locals had to hide from pirate raids.

The village of Afandou is set in a pleasant environment of the surrounding nature, with many fruit and olive trees and green hills surrounding the place.

Afandou Tourist Centre

The holiday resort of Afandou is located on the east coast of the island, between the very popular and busy resorts of Faliraki and Kolymbia. In particular Faliraki is known as a centre of entertainment which is alive day and night and where nightlife enthusiasts come from the nearby resorts.

Afandou is a relatively quiet resort, but at the same time, it offers its visitors very good tourist facilities. Its great advantage is also the long and well-maintained sandy to sandy-pebbly beach of Afandou, which has gained popularity among all generations of tourists thanks to its crystal clear sea.

There are a few small hotels in the resort, but for the most part, the local accommodation consists more of guesthouses, small villas and apartments for rent. The centre of the resort is formed by a square with a variety of shops and traditional restaurants and taverns. The locals pride themselves on their culture and traditional handicrafts and the village of Afandou is, amongst other things, also famous for production of quality carpets. Thus, beside the souvenir shops, you can also come across carpet sellers, stalls selling handmade ceramics and local honey. Further, the visitors have also a car rental, a petrol station, a post office, a pharmacy and other common tourist services available.

When travelling from the centre of the resort towards the coast, it is necessary to cross a busy road, as the main road which is stretching from the capital city of Rhodes along the east coast of the island further south runs directly through the resort. Only a local and little-used road then runs along the beach.

Attractions of Afandou

Probably the most famous attraction of Afandou is the 18-hole Afandou golf course, which is situated right on the coast and offers a beautiful view of the sea. The course was designed by the famous English architect Donald Harradine, is open all year round and is equipped with all the necessary facilities.

While strolling through the resort centre, visitors can also see a permanent exhibition of folk art. During the main summer season, a small excursion train runs between the centre and Afandou Beach.

In the village of Afandou and its surroundings there are many different chapels and churches, each a little different, but all very photogenic. Often mentioned is the Church of Virgin Mary of Katholiki, whose interior is decorated with unique frescoes from the 16th to 17th century.

Another famous tourist site in the area are the beautiful Erimokastro Caves.

Who is Afandou suitable for?

We can recommend the Afandou resort to all those who are looking for peace and quiet, quality facilities, traditional food and relaxation on a nice beach. Nightlife enthusiasts are more likely to head to the capital city of Rhodes or the neighbouring resort of Faliraki, but even from Afandou you can get somewhere convenient and quick for entertainment. If you don't want to spend your holiday just strolling around the village and its surroundings, we recommend renting a car and exploring the island of Rhodes, as it really has a lot to offer.

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