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The small seaside resort of Kalathos is located on the east coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, approximately 45 km southwest of the capital city of Rhodes. The resort consists de facto of one large and modern hotel complex.

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The original village of Kalathos vs. the tourist resort of Kalathos

The tourist resort got its name from the small village of Kalathos, which lies about 1 km inland from the sea and is not much affected by tourism on the coast. If you take a walk here, you will find that the locals really do carry on with their traditional and quiet life, with a small family-run guesthouse, room for rent or tavern popping up here and there.

The main hustle and bustle is on the coast and if you buy a holiday in Kalathos, you will be most likely heading to a huge and luxurious hotel resort right on the beach. You can stay in both traditional hotel rooms and more private suites, of which many have their own private pool. The hotel facilities are truly excellent, with a variety of services for visitors to choose from and the resort also has a store with a basic range of groceries. More tourist services are then offered in the nearby resort of Lindos.

In recent years, new smaller villas have also been built on the outskirts of the resort, which are already a longer walk to the sea, but have their own facilities including swimming pools.

Kalathos Beach

The resort includes the beautiful, mostly pebbly to sandy-pebbly beach of Kalathos. The beach stretches along the coastline for about 4 km and is relatively quiet even at peak tourist times. Some parts of the beach are commercially operated, but there are also natural, quiet and almost deserted parts. The crystal clear water and the gradual entrance to the sea are also suitable for families with children.

Kalathos - tips for trips and close neighbourhood

The town of Lindos is only about 4 km southwards and is definitely worth a visit. The tourist part of the town, the holiday resort of Lindos, with its many hotels, restaurants and the beautiful Vlicha Beach, is located along the coast. The inland part of the town consists of the original, ancient village of Lindos, which is nicknamed the "white town of Lindos" due to its unique architecture. The individual houses are built at the foot of a hill and above them rises the ancient acropolis with the temple of Athena of Lindos and Hellenistic columns. From the ancient walls, the beautiful little bay of St. Paul can be seen below, where visitors can end their trip to see the beauty of Lindos.

For lovers of historical monuments and interesting buildings in general, we can also recommend the Moni Thari Monastery as a tip for a nearby trip, which belongs to the most important religious monuments of the island, is well preserved and located in a pleasant pine forest. Less well preserved are the remains of the nearby medieval castle of Asklipio, but its massive walls still stand today.

Generally speaking, Kalathos is well placed as a base for travelling around Rhodes, as it lies roughly in the middle of the east coast and close to the main road connecting the north and south of the island. The capital city of Rhodes can be reached within an hour.

Who is Kalathos suitable for?

We would recommend the resort of Kalathos to those who want to relax during their vacation and take advantage of the varied quality services of the hotel complex. This place will also suit more quiet and romantic people, for whom the environment is perfect. Whether we mention the streets full of greenery or one of the longest and calmest beaches on the island.

On the other hand, even if you're craving more shopping and nightlife, Lindos is only a few kilometres away and overall, from here, you will have the island of Rhodes in the palm of your hand.

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