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Tsambika beach - island of Rhodes


One of the most beautiful beaches of the Greek island of Rhodes, the sandy beach of Tsambika, lies on its northeastern coast, about 25 km south of the capital city of Rhodes. The beach stands out thanks to its fine, golden sand and crystal clear water.

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Tsambika Beach (or Tsampika) is situated in a long bay at the foot of a cliff covered with cypresses and pine trees. The beach is more than 2 km long and is covered with wonderfully fine sand along its entire length, which is especially appreciated by families with small children. However, the strong sun rays can make the sand very hot, so beach shoes should be worn. According to the locals, the sunshine here is so intense that a day spent on Tsambika Beach can equalize a week on any other beach. Its intensity is attributed to the surrounding rocks, from which the sun's rays reflect and multiply their power.

Tsambika Beach is located on the east coast of Rhodes, between the seaside resorts of Kolymbia and Stegna. Interestingly, it is located on church land and therefore no construction is allowed here, but the beach is freely accessible. Tsambika beach is so not adjacent to any tourist resort, but there are several beach bars and tavernas. There are plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas available to visitors, as well as sanitary facilities and beach showers, and there are also several adrenaline water sports facilities.

The part of the beach to the left of these tavernas and bars is shorter, but more popular with families with small children, as there is a very gradual entrance to the sea. To the right of the tavernas there is a longer stretch of beach, perhaps a little quieter, but with a faster entry into the water.

Thanks to the surrounding rocks, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the beach from a higher altitude. At the top, on one of the rocks, you will see a small white church that can be reached on foot and from where you will have the whole area in the palm of your hand. The Moni Tsambika (Virgin Mary of Tsambika) Monastery gave its name to this beach and there is also an interesting legend that makes the monastery a place of pilgrimage for women who have trouble getting pregnant.

Tsambika beach can be easily reached by car, by turning off the main road that runs around the east coast of the island. The parking lot is located right next to the beach. During the main summer season, there is also a regular bus service from the nearby resort of Kolymbia to the beach and its penultimate stop is just below the Moni Tsambika Monastery. From here you can then hike up the cliff. Tsambika beach is also a popular stop for boat trips.

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