Mythical creatures and monsters


In Greek mythology, harpies are mythical creatures, half-women and half-birds. They were the daughters of Thaumas (the sea god) and Électra (the goddess).

Hésiodos states that there were three Harpies, namely Alléktó (the Whirlwind), Ókypeté (the Swift) and Kelainó (the Cloud-Dark). Homer adds Podarga (swift-footed). In appearance, the Harpies were similar to the Sirens.

The original mission of the Harpies was to carry the souls of the dead to the underworld. The most famous myth in which these creatures appear is the tale of Phineas. Phineus could tell fortunes, but he abused his gift and was punished by the gods with blindness. His second wife, Eidothea, convinced him that his sons from his first marriage were to blame for his blindness. Phineas became angry and threw them into prison. Other sources say he had them buried alive. For this act, he was sentenced to insatiable hunger. Just as he was about to eat, the Harpies came and ate all the food and slaughtered what they didn't eat. Phineas was saved by the Argonauts. They forced the Harpies to stop hurting Finn.