Mythical creatures and monsters


In Greek mythology, the Graeae are the omniscient daughters of Forkyn (the sea god) and Keto (the sea goddess).

Their names were Enýó (Enigmatic), Pefrédó (Wasp) and Deinó (Terrible). Their sisters were the three Gorgons (Sthenó, Euryale and Medusa) and their brother was the dragon Ládón.

From birth, they looked like old, ugly women and lived in a cave at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Together, they all had one eye and one tooth. So they had to borrow both to eat and see.

They were joined by the hero Perseus, who was on his way to Medusa. He was sent to the Graeae by Athena to advise him on the way to the Gorgons (Medusa). But the Graeae would tell him nothing. But when Perseus caught their eye, he forced them to tell him the way. He then threw the eye into the water so that the Graeae could warn no one.