Mythical creatures and monsters


In Greek mythology, the Gorgons are the daughters of Forkyn (the sea god) and Keto (the sea goddess).

Their names were Sthen贸, Euryale and Medusa (the only one who was mortal). Their sisters were the three Graies (Eny贸, Pefr茅d贸 and Dein贸) and their brother was L谩d贸n (the dragon).

The gorgons had a terrifying appearance - a grinning face, animal ears, tusks for teeth, snakes for hair, wings, metal fists and scaly bodies. The sight of any one of them petrified a man.

According to Ovid's legend, Medusa (and perhaps all Gorgons) was a beautiful girl whom no man left unnoticed. But then Poseidon raped her in the sanctuary of the goddess Athena. She was angered by this dishonor and turned Medusa into a monster. Other versions state that Athena transformed her through Medusa's pride, saying she was more beautiful than the goddess herself.

Medusa was eventually killed by the hero Perseus. He could not have done this without the help of Athena (from whom he received a shield as shiny as a mirror), the nymphs (from whom he received a helmet of invisibility, winged sandals and a sack for Medusa's head) and Hermes (from whom he received a curved sword).