Mythical creatures and monsters


In Greek mythology, the Hekatoncheires are portrayed as fifty-headed and hundred-headed giants. The Hekatoncheiros were the sons of Uranus (god of the sky) and Gaia (goddess of the earth), as well as siblings of the Titans and ancestors of the Cyclopes.

The Hekatoncheires were three brothers - Kottos, Briareós and Gyés. But they were so ugly that immediately after their birth their father threw them into Tartarus so that he would not have to look at them. But this angered their mother Gaia, and she persuaded the youngest titan, Kronos, to deprive his father Uranus of his rule as punishment. Kronos complied, and took over his father's rule. But he left the Hekatoncheires imprisoned because he feared their power.

They were only freed by Zeus, who rose up against Kronos. The goddess Gaia predicted that he would be victorious if he took those whom Kronos had imprisoned in Tartarus to help him. So Zeus released the Cyclopes along with the Hecatoncheires.