Greek writers


Longos was a Greek writer. He was born in the 2nd century BC and died in the 2nd century BC.

Virtually nothing is known about Longos's life, and scholars rely mainly on linguistic analysis of his work. Longos was probably a freed Roman slave. He was also supposed to be a follower of atticism.

However, his name is also uncertain, as there is a hypothesis that a scribe misspelled the Greek word for "story" (λογου) and wrote "λογγου", and it was this word that was later interpreted as the name of the author, i.e. Longos.

Longos is best known for the pastoral romance novel Daphnis and Chloé. The novel deals with the development of love between a shepherd and a shepherdess against the background of various adventures. The novel was also popular during the Renaissance and Rococo periods.