Greek writers


Menandros was a Greek writer and playwright. He was born in 342 BC (Athens) and died in 291 BC (Phaleron).

Menandros is the best known of the authors of the new Attic comedy.

He was born into a wealthy family. His father, Diopeithes, was probably an Athenian general and governor of Chersonese. Menandros himself was a pupil of Theophrastus. He later became a protégé of the Macedonian general Ptolemy Soter, who invited him to his court. Menandros refused, however, and continued to live in Piraeus.

Menandros is the author of more than a hundred comedies. His works have won the prize at the Athens Lénaia Festival eight times. He was also very popular in Rome, where he inspired many authors.

Only a few of his works have survived in better condition, notably Aspis, Dyskolos, Epitrepontes, Perikeiromene, Samia, Sykionioi. Of many others, only fragments or various quotations remain.