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Leschos of Mytilene

Leschos of Mytilene was a Greek writer and poet. He was born in the 7th century BC and died in the 7th century BC.

In the case of Leschos of Mytilene, he is a semi-legendary poet whose peak period is thought to have been around 660 BC, or the end of the 8th century BC.

Some sources state that he was a native of Pyrrhus on Lesbos, and so refer to him by his full name "Leschos of Pyrrhus" alone.

Leschos' main work was the poem The Little Iliad, which develops the plot of Homer's Iliad from the dispute between Odysseus and Ajax over Achilles' armour to the fall of Troy. The plot was to end with the Trojan horse entering the city walls. Other sources, however, state that the work was written by the Spartan king Kinethon.