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Diodorus of Sicily

Diodorus of Sicily was a Greek historian. He was born in 90 BC (Agira, Sicily) and died in 27 BC (unknown location).

Not much is known about the life of Diodorus of Sicily and the only source is what he wrote about himself in the introduction to his historical work Bibliotheca Historica (Historical Library).

He wrote his work for thirty long years, and through it he also undertook many dangerous expeditions to Europe, Asia and Africa. Although his followers found many factual errors in the work that could not have been taught by a person who had actually visited the place. His sojourn in Egypt and Rome is attested.

Diodoros used as sources for his work the works of many authors: Hekataios of Abdera, Hieronymos of Cardia, Duris of Samos, Timaios, Polybios, Poseid├│nios and others. The word "library" in the title of the whole work suggests that it is a collection of various works. The whole work contained forty books in which he describes the history, culture and mythical history of various parts of the world. The Trojan War and the beginning of Caesar's Gallic War are also included.

Much of the information in this book is unique and therefore serves as a quality source of information.