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Dionysios of Halicarnassus

Dionysios of Halicarnassus was a Roman historian, literary critic, writer and rhetorician who wrote in Greek. He was born in 54 BC (Halikarnassos - now Bodrum, Turkey) and died in 8 AD (Halikarnassos).

The work of Dionysius of Halicarnassus is one of the main sources on the earlier history of Rome.

In 29 BC he moved to Rome, where he wrote his major works. In the most important of these, entitled "Roman History", he recounts ancient Roman history from the beginning to the First Punic War. Here he emphasizes the connection with Greek history and Greece. The file originally had 20 books, but not all of them have survived. This work is the best source for the older history of Rome.

Several literary-critical and literary-scientific writings by him have also survived.