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Bacchylides was a Greek lyric poet. He was born in 516 BC (Kea) and died in 451 BC (unknown).

Bacchylides was born on the island of Kea, but spent most of his life in the Peloponnese. He was a court poet of King Hieron of Syracuse and a rival of Pindar. And it was Pindar who he often criticized, thus furthering his own fame.

Only fragments of Bacchylides' work, which included pajanas, poems, and hymns, have survived, including the Peace Pajan, the Apopemptian Hymns, and the Hyporcheme in honour of Athena of Ithonia. His works also contain love and erotic poems.

Bacchylides wrote in the Doric dialect, using dactylotrochean meters or refrain.