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Achilleus Tatios

Achilleus Tatios was a Greek writer. He was born in the 2nd century AD (Alexandria) and died in the 3rd century AD.

Little is known about the life of Achilleus Tatius. Even the claim from the "Byzantine Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Suda" that he was to become a Christian bishop seems unlikely.

He is best known as the author of the novel The Adventures of Leucippus and Cleitophontus. This work recounts in eight books the stories of a pair of lovers on a pilgrimage through foreign lands. The books are also written with the help of various inserts, fables or letters. It is this vividness combined with artistic power that made this work so popular in late antiquity and among the Byzantines.

The whole work has its model in the novels of Longus, Chariton, Xenophon of Ephesus, and others.