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Agathon was a Greek poet and author of tragedies. He was born in 448 BC (Athens) and died in 401 BC (Pella).

Agathon is known as a character in Plato's dialogue Symposion. In this work, he gives a speech about Eros. He is also mentioned by Aristotle and Aristophanes in their works. When Aristophanes often mocks him for his alleged effeminacy.

Agathon was a pupil of the rhetorician Gorgias of Leontini. He later left Athens and went to the court of the Macedonian king Archelaus in Pella. His good friend was Euripides.

The works of Agathon: Aëropē, Alcmaeon, Anthos, Thyestes, The Conquest of Illium, The Myses, Telephos, and perhaps Achilles. His works, however, have not survived.