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What does the number of stars by the hotels mean ?

When we choose a vacation destination, we usually also want to find a good hotel or other type of accommodation, where we could feel safe and comfortable. But how to orient ourselves around today´s huge offers? Most of us look at the number of stars. Logically because the should guarantee a certain quality of services and equipment of an accommodation unit. But it is important to know that there isn´tt any unitary system in stars awarding in Europe and in the rest of the world. In addition the classification of the hotels is in many countries voluntary.

The accommodation units are being specified by category and class. Category "hotel" is traditionally rated by number of stars, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best), but there also exist some hotels with 6 or even 7 stars for example the super luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Category "guesthouse" can be maximally rated with 4 stars. So what can we expect from each class?

Characteristics of hotels of the first five classes - basic characters and equipment:

* Tourist = cold running water in the room, a toilet and a bathroom with hot running water available per 10 beds on the floor, a towel with a soap for each guest, a bed, a wardrobe, a dustbin, room lights, a mirror above the washbasin, 1 social room in the hotel, 1 publicly available phone in the hotel, a possibility to keep valuables at the reception, reachable by bell or phone

** Standard / Economy = in addition - hot and cold running water in the room, sitting possibility, a table or writing desk, a night lamp, a drink glass for each guest, a bottle opener, a shower or a bathtub rug and a covered dustbin in the bathroom, sale of beverages in the reception area

*** Komfort / Standard = most of the rooms have a bathtub or a shower together with the toilet, in addition - a suitcase ledge, a lockable cupboard or a drawer board, a terry towel and a bath towel for each guest, a light above the washbasin, storage space or rack in the bathroom and 1 toothbrush per person, a bigger mirror, hotel documentation (information, advertisement leaflets, etc.), most of the rooms have a radio and a TV, 2 social rooms in the hotel, reception open 12 hours a day, reachable by bell or phone, a safe at the reception, expanded breakfast buffet

**** First Class = all rooms are equipped with a bathroom with a washbasin, a shower or a bathtub and a toilet, in addition - a spare blanket, a reading lamp, a fullbody mirror, all rooms have a radio and a TV, a minibar in the room, reception open 24 hours a day, breakfast buffet and roomservice

***** Luxury = in some rooms the bathroom and the toilet are separated, in addition - a seating set, a table, a hairdressing table, a safe in the room and also at the reception, a hairdryer in the bathroom, a bathrobe for each guest, 2 restaurants, hotel bar

Except these basic characters, the hotels also are being rated according to their additional services as air conditioning, location, fitness equipment, massages, sauna etc. Each class must fulfill a minimal number of additional services.

A solution for unification of the hotel star rating across the European countries could be found in the unitary system working under the heading Hotel Stars Union, recognized also by the European Commission. The rating is based on 270 single criterias, where it is necessary to fulfill not just the minimal criterias, but also the optional ones, to achieve the required number of points. These criterias have been developed in collaboration between the hotel owners and their guests, so that they can satisfy their expectations and requirements. The system became quite popular. It was originally accepted by 11 countries - Germany, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Later on another countries joined in - Malta, Belgium, Greece and Denmark. In 2015 Liechtenstein became a part of the association as well. Also today there are further negotiations made about involving more countries. 

The number of stars can be a good hint how a hotel is standing under the concurrency, nevertheless the star system shoud not be trusted unconditionally. It is definitely worth it to find out as much informations as possible about each hotel and also the reviews of the guests are very helpful. In choosing a right hotel these websites could help you as well - more informations about the individual hotels on the island of Rhodes (including reviews) can be found in the section Hotels - Rhodes, and we also recommend the section dedicated to the resorts Rhodes - Resorts

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