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Akrotiri Resort and village of the same name are located in the southwestern tip of Santorini, approximately 10 km from the capital city of Fira.

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In 1967, the archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos discovered a settlement from the 17. century BC under one metre thick layer of soil, which was, similar as the Roman Pompeii in 79, covered by the volcanic ash after an eruption and thereby conserved for many centuries. Akrotiri is therefore often called as "the Greek Pompeii". There were remains of multi-staged houses uncovered in the city and the conservation was so good, that even frescoes and tools of daily use, showing the development of the local culture, stayed preserved. The difference between Pompeii and Akrotiri is, that there were no victims, jewellery or personal things found in Akrotiri, what makes us suggest, that the residents were probably warned by an earthquake, that was preceding the volcano eruption and managed to escape from the danger zone in time. The archaeological site of Akrotiri is not only one of the most important sights of Santorini, but also of all Greece.

Although the archaeological site belongs to the most visited places of Santorini, the village of Akrotiri, located about 2 km north of the historical place, is seldom getting crowded and keeps its originality because the tourists usually visit the excavations and after that continue to other places. Another sight of this area that is definitely worth a visit, is the lighthouse of Akrotiri, built in 1892 and still working, towering on the southernmost point of the island.

There are several hotels, restaurants and taverns in the resort, located close to the crater. Many people, that live in this region, are working in agriculture, farming a lot of types of vegetables which cannot be missing in the served Greek and Continental dishes.

We also recommend to visit the 3 famous local beaches:

The most famous one is the Red Beach (named after the colour of the soil and surrounding rocks) lying southwestern of the already mentioned archaeological excavations. It is accessible by foot and also by boat from the two kilometres far Port of Akrotiri, but you can easily reach the beach by car from every resort of Santorini as well. The Red Beach is heavily visited, even there are no accommodation possibilities and very few places to eat.

If we would go one kilometre north of the Red Beach, we arrive at the small and calm Kambia Beach. The easiest way to get there is by boat from Akrotiri Port or from the Red Beach and it is also accessible by car. There is a small tavern available for the tourists at the beach, offering them several foods and sunbeds with umbrellas.

The third famous beach of this area is also named after the colouring of the soil and surroundings - this time the White Beach. It is located approximately one kilometre, west of the Kambia Beach, but is not as famous as its "Red Sister", therefore there is nothing except some sunbeds and umbrellas. The easiest way to reach the White Beach is again by boat from Akrotiri Port or from the Red Beach and it is also possible to get there by car, however some distance we have to walk.

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