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Paradisi beach - island Santorini


Písčitá a hodně větrná pláž Paradisi leží v severní části řeckého ostrova Santorini, cca 11 km severozápadně od hlavního města Fira.

The sandy and very windy Paradisi beach is located in the northern part of the Greek island of Santorini, about 11 km northwest of the capital Fira.

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Paradisi beach is part of the Paradisi resort of the same name and is located near the famous Santorini town of Oia, in the very north of the island. Look for it on the western half of the northern coast, with Cape Columbo Beach to the east.

The northern beaches are typical of the rocky coastline, but also have wonderfully clear water. The surface of Paradisi beach is covered with grey sand. Due to the strong winds, large waves form in this area, which are especially popular with surfers.

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