Mythical creatures and monsters

Erymanthian boar

In Greek mythology, the Erymanthian Boar is a huge animal that lived at Mount Erymanthos (located in the Lampeia arcadian mountain range) and ravaged its entire surroundings.

One of the tasks of the hero Heracles was to catch this animal and bring it back alive.

On his way to the boar, Heracles stopped at the centaurs, where he killed several of them and wounded the immortal Cheir├│n with a poisoned arrow. He then went after the boar, which he scared out of the thicket with a shout, and then drove it into a deep snowdrift. After a fierce struggle, he bound him with chains, threw him over his shoulders, and carried him to Mycenae. He did not, however, deliver the boar to the agreed place, for he had heard of the Argonauts' expedition to Colchis. He therefore left the boar in the market-place.

It is not clear what happened to the boar. But its tusks are still on display in the temple of Apollo at Cyme.