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Stesichoros of Himera

Stesichoros of Himera was a Greek writer and poet. He was born in 630 BC (Matauros, Sicily) and died in 555 BC (Catania).

Although Stesichoros of Himera was born in Matauros, Sicily, he spent most of his life in the city of Himera, and is therefore called a Himerian.

His most important works were intended for choral singing, often employing mythology until they became almost lyrical epics. These include, for example, the celebratory Palinody of Helen. This work is said to have been originally conceived by Stesichoros as a satirical poem, but he suddenly went blind while writing it. To regain his sight, he wrote a poem of praise instead.

The work of Stesichorus of Himera was also used by later authors, including Vergil.