Greek writers


Chariton was a Greek writer. He was born in the 2nd century BC (Aphrodisias in Asia Minor) and died in the 2nd century BC.

Charit├│n is known as the author of the oldest fully extant novel, The Tales of Chaire and Kallirhoy.

He was the son of the scribe Athenagoras. He himself worked as a secretary for a lawyer.

In the novel "The Adventures of Chairea and Kallirhoy", he recounts the stories of this married couple in a span of eight books. In this story, Chairea's jealousy and Kallirhoa's accusations of infidelity are described. These events result in him hitting her so hard that she appears to be dead. Kallirhoy is subsequently buried in a tomb, but it is robbed by robbers the same evening. At that moment, Kallirhoy wakes up and the robbers sell her into slavery. As soon as Chaireas learns this fact, he sets out to rescue her. After much hardship, the pair eventually return to Syracuse together.