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Callinos of Ephesus

Callinos of Ephesus was a Greek writer and poet. He was born in the 7th century BC (Ephesus in Asia Minor) and died in the 7th century BC. Little is known about his life.

Kallínos of Ephesus is known as the first Greek elegiac poet. He dedicated his poetry to supporting the struggle for the fatherland.

Only a few fragments of his work survive, the longest of which is 21 lines long. In it, he calls on the Ephesians to stand up to the Cimmerians who were threatening the cities of Asia Minor.

His most famous quotation is: "For it is glory and honour for a man to fight, full of valour, for his native land, his children, his wife, against the enemy." This was recited on war campaigns, but also at various social events.