Gods of Olympus


In Greek mythology, Rhodes is the son of Aphrodite (goddess of love) and Hermes (messenger of the gods). His siblings were named Hermaphroditus, Peitho and Eunomia. Other sources also mention Tyche and Priapose. And still others speak of Erotheus.

According to Pindar, Rhodes embodies the island that emerged from the sea and is associated with the myth of Zeus and Helios.

The fable takes place after the victory of Zeus over the Titans, when the division of the Earth between the Olympian gods took place. This division did not involve Helios (the sun god) because he was wandering the sky with his sun chariot at the time. On his return, he demanded a redistribution from Zeus, but was not granted because it would have angered the other gods. So Helios asked everyone to give him the land that would emerge from the sea. The gods agreed, and the island of Rhodes emerged from the sea. Helios illuminated it with his brightness and turned it into the most beautiful and sunny island.