Gods of Olympus


In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea and the water element. He was the son of the titan Kronos and the titaness Rhea.

After his birth, Kronos devoured him, as well as his siblings (Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Zeus), so that Poseidon could not overpower him in the future and usurp his rule. His youngest brother Zeus, however, escaped the devouring and eventually defeated Cronus. After the overthrow of Kronos, the world was divided and Poseidon was given the sea empire.

Poseidon was given a trident by the Telchines, with which he could unleash storms and earthquakes. Last but not least, he used it as a weapon.

His wife was Amphitrite, but he also fathered offspring with many other women, both goddesses and mortals. He even raped his sister Demeter. His most famous descendants are Triton, Polyphemos, Belos and Agenor.

During a period of Zeus' misrule, Poseidon tried to reform his brother. He was aided in this difficult task by his sister Hera, niece Athena, and several others. Zeus was imprisoned in a golden net and forced to rule more justly.

The ancient Greeks sacrificed a bull and a horse to Poseidon because these animals symbolized predation, violence, but also procreative power.