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Airport Vitsentzos Kornaros Sitia - Crete

Airport Sitia Public, Airport Vitsentzos Kornaros

Sitia Public Airport is located in the north-eastern part of the Greek island of Crete and is more of a small community airport. It is located in the Mponta area, near the town of Sitia, about 129 km east of the capital Heraklion.

Officially, the airport is named after the famous Cretan poet Vitsentz Kornar, who wrote the epic poem Erotokritos. Its alternative name is the Municipal Airport of Sitia (literally "Sitia Municipal Airport"), among the locals it is simply called "Sitia Airport" and is only 1 km from the town centre.

Vitsentzos Kornaros Airport started operating in June 1984, when the first plane landed here to test its readiness. Today, the airport is able to handle both domestic and international flights, with charter flights from Europe accounting for the majority of traffic during the peak tourist season. However, the airport is still one of the smaller and less used airports, something that local government officials want to change and have agreed to complete and modernise.

After landing, tourists can use a bus that will take them to the centre of Sitia. From there, other bus lines then depart to the island's largest and most famous resorts.

IATA code: JSH



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