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The small village of Kipseli is situated on a hill near the east coast of the Greek island of Zakynthos, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, orchards and small fields. Kipseli is located about 11 km northwest of the capital Zante.

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Tourist resort Kipseli (Kypseli)

The small village of Kipseli (or Kypseli) is set in a very picturesque and calming landscape full of olive trees, vines and fruit trees. The fruit and vegetables grown here are exported by the inhabitants of Kipseli to other resorts on the island. The locals are mainly engaged in agriculture, the village lives its peaceful Greek way of life and tourism is a rather marginal activity. Tourists will find a few apartments for rent in the village and a few tavernas towards the coast.

The village of Kipseli is located inland on the island of Zakynthos, about 3 to 4 km from the east coast. It is very similar in type to the neighbouring village and resort of Tragaki. The village lies in a quiet part of the island away from the main holiday resorts. The nearest busier resorts are the resort of Tsilivi (approx. 5 km), the resort of Alykanas (approx. 7 km) and then the capital of Zakynthos, a beautiful harbour town with historical monuments and entertainment possibilities (approx. 11 km).

In terms of tourism, the resort of Kipseli refers to a much larger area than just the village of Kipseli itself, namely the area from the village to the coast of the island. Most of the villas and apartments labelled "Kipseli resort" are closer to the sea where the tourist traffic is higher, including a few tavernas.

Nearby beaches and tips for excursions

The resort of Kipseli, in its broader sense, including villas and tavernas along the coast, has a beach of the same name, Kipseli. Some locals call this part of the beach Kipseli, others prefer to call it Drosia beach. It is a narrow strip of mostly pebbly shoreline, some parts of the beach are equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and there are places with beautifully fine sand. Kipseli / Drosia beach is quiet and bathed in the azure Ionian Sea.

The resort of Kipseli is located in an area of rather smaller and quieter beaches, for example the pleasant sandy beach of Amboula or the beautiful sand and shingle beach of Ammoudi are nearby. The larger and busier beaches of Alykes and Alykanas can be found about 7 km to the northwest.

The green and hilly landscape around the village of Kipseli invites for romantic walks and bike rides. In the village stands the old Greek Orthodox Church of Agia Paraskevi, which not only opens its interior to visitors, but also offers a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

Water enthusiasts can head to two nearby water parks. On the outskirts of Tsilivi is the Tsilivi Water Park with its many slides, water slides and various water play elements for children and adults. The larger water park Zante Water Village is located near the village of Sarakinado (approx. 6.5 km) and is very popular.

For whom Kipseli is suitable

Kipseli is a very quiet to sleepy resort suitable as an escape from the everyday stress and hustle and bustle of the big cities. It can be an ideal choice for tourists who want to relax and unwind during their holiday in the quiet and calming nature. The surrounding countryside around Kipseli invites to walks among vineyards, olive groves and orchards, as well as cycling. The coastline is within walking distance and the beaches in this area are calm and the sea crystal clear.

Tourist facilities in Kipseli are very limited, with a few tavernas along the coast, but for more shopping, restaurants and bars we recommend driving to the nearby tourist resort of Tsilivi or the capital Zante.

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