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The small village of Gyri is located in the central part of the inland of the Greek island of Zakynthos, about 20 km west of the main town of Zante. Gyri is one of the highest and oldest villages on the island.

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Gyri is a small and very quiet village in the interior of Zakynthos with less than 100 permanent inhabitants. However, the village of Gyri has a long tradition, as it was founded in the 15th century and is one of the oldest villages on Zakynthos.

In Gyri there is a beautiful church, a couple of tavernas and a few houses built around the main road that runs through the village. The road connecting the resort of Agios Leon with the famous village of Macherado passes through the village of Gyri.

The village of Gyri is on the edge of the touristic area of Zakynthos. If you visit here, you can enjoy the beautiful view. The village of Gyri is about 550 metres above sea level and the top of Mount Vrachionas, with an altitude of 758 metres, can be reached on foot. There are also several interesting caves in the vicinity of the village - the so-called Black Cave, the Red Cave or the Xagioti (or Hayiotis) Cave with its beautiful rock formations.

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