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Basic Informations

Greece is a country located in southeastern Europe. It spreads on the European mainland (southern bulge of the Balkan Peninsula) and on many islands and islets in the Mediterranean Sea. (There are around 3000 islands in the Aegean, Cretan, Thracian and Ionian Sea.

Official name: Hellenic Republic┬á(╬Ľ╬╗╬╗╬Ě╬Ż╬╣╬║╬« ╬ö╬Ě╬╝╬┐╬║¤ü╬▒¤ä╬»╬▒)
Other international names: Greece, Hellas
Capital: Athens┬á(╬Ĺ╬Ş╬«╬Ż╬▒, Athens)
Area: 131 940 km2
Highest point: 2918 m - Mytikas (highest peak of the Olymp mountains)
Time zone: +2 GMT , +1 Czech Republic (Summertime + 1)
Inhabitans: approx. 11 millions
Official language: Greek
Religion: Orthodoxy (95%)
System of government: parliamentary republic
State establishment: 25. 3. 1821
Flag: 9 horizontal stripes (five blue and four white between them) with a white Greek cross in a blue field in the left upper corner
Currency: EURO (EUR)
Phone code: +30
National domain: .gr
National anthem: Ymnos is tin Eleftherian (Ode to freedom)
Neighbor states: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey
Emergency call: 112