Mythical creatures and monsters


In Greek mythology, Typhon is a giant, a descendant of the earth mother Gaia and Tartaros.

He had a hundred dragon heads, the voice of a man, a dog and a bull. Plus huge wings with which he could unleash hurricanes and earthquakes. It is said that he was so large that his heads touched the highest peak of the heavens and his paws reached east and west. He wanted to conquer Zeus himself in revenge for punishing the Titans. Zeus, after a terrible struggle, overcame him, burned all his hundred heads with lightning, and cast him down into Tartarus, where he left him for ever.

To Typhon and Echidna (half woman and half serpent, she was the daughter of the giant Chrysaor), were born the three-headed subterranean dog Kerberos, the two-headed dog Orthos, the huge nemesis lion, the Lernaean Hydra, the Crommyonian swine, the Lycian Chimera, the Theban Sphinx, and according to some sources the sea monster Skylla was their daughter.

Typhon's name literally means "whirling wind", and from the English pronunciation came the international word taifun.