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In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a winged horse who was the son of Poseidon (god of the seas) and Medusa.

Most often it is said that Pegasus was born from the body of Medusa after Perseus cut off her head. According to other sources, he jumped out of the ground right where Medusa's blood hit.

He lived in the high mountains, especially on Parnassus in Phocis or on Helicon in Boeotia. He also lived on Olympus. He helped sick children and protected all living things. He is considered a symbol of the poet's imagination.

Pegasus helped the hero Bellerophontus fight the Chimera and the Amazons. But then Bellerophontes wanted to ride him to Olympus, which angered Zeus himself. He unleashed his fury on Pegasus, which caused Pegasus to throw Bellerophontes off of him and onto the ground. In the process, the hero lost his mind.

Furthermore, Pegasus is associated with the hero Heracles, to whom he was given by Zeus.