Mythical creatures and monsters


In Greek mythology, the Nymphs are beautiful water, forest and mountain goddesses or demi-goddesses. Their mission was to sing, dance and entertain.

Nymphs were usually found in the company of other creatures such as the Silens, Satyrs, Panes, or even in the company of gods (Apollo, Dionysos, Hermes, or Artemis). Most of them were immortal.

Nymphs were usually virgins, but many had offspring with gods or humans. They were friendly to humans, only handsome young men had to be wary of them, as they could cause accidents or even death (Argonaut Hylas is an example). People built altars or shrines to them and offered sacrifices to them.

They are divided into groups according to where they live:

  • Naiads (lake nymphs, river nymphs, creek nymphs, in mountain streams, springs and rivers)
  • Oready (nymphs of mountain valleys and mountain giants)
  • Dryads (nymphs of caves, groves and individual trees)

In a broader sense, nymphs also included sea nymphs:

  • The Okeanesses or Okeanids (goddesses of the outer sea)
  • Néreovnes or Néreids (sea nymphs)