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In Greek mythology, the Amazons are a nation of warrior women.

They probably lived on the northern coast of Asia Minor or near the Caucasus. Their hierarchy was dominated by women, who decided everything and fought wars. Men, on the other hand, worked in the household. The Amazons married after their military service and were virgins until then. Many of them had a breast or both breasts removed. The reason was that it might interfere with their fighting.

The Greeks fought the Amazons many times. Heracles and Theseus waged war against them. The next expedition was led by the hero Bellerophontes. The Amazons, on the other hand, went to the aid of the besieged Troy and clashed with the Greek troops led by the hero Achilles. This was the last battle between the Greeks and the Amazons, for here their queen Penthesilea fell. The Amazons wanted her dead body back, but in return they had to pledge never to fight the Greeks again.