Greek writers


Thespis was a Greek writer and actor. He was born in the 6th century BC (Ikarion) and died in the 6th century BC (Thebes). He is considered the founder of the first theatrical forms.

His first stage play was performed in 536 BC at the Lenaia (plays in celebration of the god Dionysus). Here the actor's conversation with the chorus was also used. And this actor was Thespis. The actor at this time was always a man, regardless of whether the role was female or male.

Later, his plot became more dramatic and began to move away from the celebration of the god Dionysus.

In acting, Thespis stopped using wooden masks and replaced them with masks made of plaster and cloth. These amplified the actor's voice and made it easier for the audience to understand him. Actors wore high shoes and distinctive costumes so they could be seen from the back rows.

It is said that the first dramas of Thespis were performed directly on the carriages. For this reason, the term Thespide's carriage has survived to describe itinerant acting companies.