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Theognis of Megara

Theognis of Megara was a Greek writer and poet. He was born in 570 BC (Megara Hyblaia) and died in 485 BC (Thebes). Theognis of Megara is one of the elegiac poets.

Theognis of Megara was supposed to be of aristocratic origin, but not much is known about his life.

Some 1400 lines of elegy are attributed to him. However, it is thought that he is not the only author of this text, as it probably contains several poems by Tyrtaeus, Mimnermus and Solon. These poems were probably added later, as well as some additional corrections.

Among his other important poems are those he dedicated to Cyrnus. Here Theognis exhorts him to be true to the "right" cause, to avoid the company of "evil" men (meaning democrats), to be loyal to his companions, and to take revenge on his enemies. He further dedicated to him many collections of proverbs or laments over decay and poverty.