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Hekataios of Miletus

Hekataios of Miletus was a Greek writer, historian and geographer. He was born in 550 BC (Milêtus) and died in 476 BC (also Milêtus). He was the most important ancient Greek logographer.

Hekataios came from an aristocratic family. He traveled extensively in his life, but also served as an advisor to the Greek command during the Ionian revolt against Persian rule.

In Genealogy, he collected rational interpretations of Greek myths and the genealogies of mythical aristocrats.

Hekataios went on to write the important work Around the World. In it, he summarized all the geographical data known to date and thus compiled a comprehensive description of the entire world known to the Greeks. He was also interested in climate, plants, animals and sights. Herodotus later drew on this work.

Hekataios even produced a map of the world. The world was a circular landmass bathed by the ocean. It was probably inspired by ancient Babylonian maps.