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Eugammon of Cyrene

Eugammon of Cyrene was a Greek poet. He was born in the 6th century BC (Cyrene) and died in the 6th century BC (Cyrene). He is one of the early Greek epic poets.

Eugammon's main work is the Télegoneia, which he is said to have "stolen" from the poet Musai. This is what Clement of Alexandria claims. This poem is the epilogue to Homer's Odyssey and thus concludes the epics of the Trojan War. It consisted of two books and was written in dactylic hexameter. The first part recounts Odysseus' other exploits and the second part is about the son of Cyrrhus and Odysseus, named Telegonus. He eventually kills Odysseus. Subsequently, Penelope marries him and Odysseus' first son Telemachos marries Kirke.