Greek - Phrases and Vocabularies

Greek alphabet

Greek alphabet inclusive transliteration and pronunciation. We recommend to begin with this article, as the transliteration of the letters ("δ", "θ", "φ" etc.) is very useful for further learning the greek words.

Letter English name Greek name Pronunciation Transcription
Α α Alfa ἄλφα [a] a
Β β Beta βῆτα [v] v
Γ γ Gamma γάμμα [ʝ] in front of [e̞] or [i]; otherwise [ɣ] g, j
Δ δ Delta δέλτα [ð] d
Ε ε Epsilon ἒ ψιλόν [e̞] e
Ζ ζ Zeta ζῆτα [z] z
Η η Eta ἦτα [i] i
Θ θ Theta θῆτα [θ] th
Ι ι Iota ἰῶτα [i], [j] i
Κ κ Kappa κάππα [c] in front of [e̞] and [i]; otherwise[k] k
Λ λ Lambda λάμβδα [l] l
Μ μ Mu μῦ [m] m
Ν ν Nu νῦ [n] n
Ξ ξ Xi ξῖ [ks] x, ks
Ο ο Omicron ὄ μικρόν [o̞] o
Π π Pi πῖ [p] p
Ρ ρ Rho ῥῶ [ɾ] r
Σ σ
ς (koncové)
Sigma σῖγμα [s] s
Τ τ Tau ταῦ [t] t
Υ υ Upsilon ὒ ψιλόν [i] y, v, f
Φ φ Phi φῖ [f] f
Χ χ Chi χῖ [ç] in front of [e̞] und [i]; otherwise [x] ch
Ψ ψ Psi ψῖ [ps] ps
Ω ω Omega ὦ μέγα [o̞] o