Gods of Olympus


In Greek mythology, the goddesses of Horus embody the seasons and order in nature and society. They are the daughters of Zeus and Themis (goddess of law and order).

Their numbers vary from interpretation to interpretation.

When it comes to goddesses ensuring order in nature (the changing of the seasons, the timely growth of flowers and fruit, etc.), two are mentioned, namely Thallo (goddess of spring) and Karpó (goddess of autumn).

There are at least three goddesses who ensure order among people, namely Eunomia (Law), Diké (Law) and Eiréné (Peace). Other sources add two more goddesses, Aisa (Judgement) and Poiné (Punishment).

The Horus guarded the gates of Olympus, but also cherished goddesses right from birth (for example Aphrodite).