Gods of Olympus


In Greek mythology, Harmonia is the daughter of Ares (god of war) and Aphrodite (goddess of love). She was the wife of the Theban king Cadmus.

Harmonia had four brothers (Deimos, Phobos, Eros and Anterós).

Tragic circumstances caused her to outlive all her descendants. Her daughters Semele and Ínó were killed by Hera. Actaeon was killed by Artemis. After these events, she and her husband left Thebes for Illyria. Here Cadmus wondered why the gods were punishing them so. Then he remembered that in founding Thebes he had killed the sacred serpent that had killed his comrades. He sighed that he would rather be a snake than suffer like that. And the gods turned him into a serpent. Harmony, seeing this, said that they had better turn her into a serpent. And that's what happened.